Parental Key Software v1.01 for Winwows XP.

Works with any USB key and USB Drive.
Download HERE

Do I need a specific USB key?
Not at all: you can use ANY standard USB key or USB Drive!

Do I need to purchase an USB key especially for the Parental key?
No, you can use your old key: Parental Key does not need to remind on your USB key: it only needs to be run once from your USB Key. Afterwards you can delete it to save some space!

Does Parental Key works with Win 95/98/ or ME?
No, Parental Key ONLY works on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and above.

How to remove the Parental Key?
Just click on the UNINSTALL button within the software!

Is it possible to hide whole folders?
Yes: click the TAB: Hide folders and choose the folders to be hidden.

The program has disappeared: what to do?
Click the CTRL+ALT+N keys (or any sequence of keys you have chosen).

Any other requests? Please contact us by email at [email protected]


89% of sexual solicitations of youths were made in chat rooms or through instant messaging. (Pew study reported in JAMA 2001)

87% of kids who made an adult friend online have called or used regular mail to make further contact. (NCMEC “Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation’s Youth” 2000)

20% of kids have been solicited on the Internet for sex. (US Dept of Justice, “OJJDP Fact Sheet” March 2001)


Works with any existing USB key and USB drive !.
Select the retrictions you want to apply to your PC
Locks out computer users, Prohibits use of the internet.
Select the softwares and programs that you want to be blocked.

Protectyour important datas and documents from being deleted or formatedr..


Click here to watch the parental key Demo